A downloadable game for Windows

(Early access alpha) Need testers for feedback

Not implemented: Multiplayer, Sound, Settings and many other things.

A crew of Astronauts have crash-landed. You now find yourself on a tiny planet overrun by alien creatures. Here only the strong survive, will you?

Rotation is a survival top down shooter game for up to four players.  The game is meant to be easy to play and a overall stress-free experience.  The game is highly repeatable with randomized monsters and choices of rewards meaning you can't and shouldn't pick the same strategy each time.

Website: https://www.rotationgame.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/borghult

Install instructions

Download game

Extract file

Open Rotation

Click Host, Select character color and name, pick a map (scroll list) and click join

You can use mouse to control most things (2 extra mouse buttons). 

  • Change weapon: Scroll-wheel, 1, 2 or tab
  • Jump: Hold space or extra mouse button 1
  • Sprint: Shift or extra mouse button 2
  • Walk backwards: S or extra mouse button 2
  • Walk forward: W or Right click
  • Fire: Left click
  • Melee: E
  • Ability: R
  • Menu: Escape


RotationAlphaV0.5.zip 157 MB

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